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Comments and a lively dialogue are hoped for on STARVING FOR ITALY. However, if comments are deemed offensive, obscene, or just plain mean, they will be removed.

In other words, please keep la bella figura in mind when you comment!

Update: If comments appear to have been added randomly, without regard to the content of the blog post, either as spam or in promotion of a service, they will be removed.


The majority of the photos on STARVING FOR ITALY come from one of two sources:  1) Photos from the personal photo collection of the owner of STARVING FOR ITALY (meaning photos that were taken by family or friends and provided for use without attribution on STARVING FOR ITALY), or 2) Photos from sites such as and, which license their photos for download and use without attribution. No specific attribution is given for photos from these sources, in keeping with the license and use provisions governing the photos. Thank you to all the photographers who have so generously provided their excellent photos to be shared and viewed.

On occasion, photos from other sources will be used. In that case, credit for the photo will be given in the “For More Information” box on the post page.


Thank you for your interest in STARVING FOR ITALY.  These policies may be updated at any time.

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Updated, June 12, 2021