It’s simple. I love Italy and I miss her.


The origins of STARVING FOR ITALY – and my connections to Italy – are described in the inaugural Eccomi posts (start here!). In twenty words: An Italian vacation led to an Italian husband, to Italian citizenship, and to splitting each year between Milan and Seattle. For reasons you all know, today marks Day 590 away from Italy, and counting.

STARVING FOR ITALY is my way to embrace Italy from afar, and connect with readers who share this desire. My primary interests involve Italian culture, as exposed in the Italian language and expressed in ways of interacting. And culture as found in books and film, since reading, writing, cinema, theater and opera are my great passions.

Of course we’ll visit Italian places, and talk about food and wine now and then, in shades of a travel blog. Check out the postcard on the Home page, which will change and show a favorite place connected with each new post.



I left a legal career ten years ago to tackle creative writing and write a detective story – set in Milan of course – which had been churning in my head for years. The writing journey led me to the Stanford creative writing certificate program, where that first mystery Verdi’s Flame was workshopped over two years, and to memorable Master Classes at the incomparable Hedgebrook.

Verdi’s Flame is now complete and on submission to literary agents, looking for its path to publication. I’m at work on the second in the series, Shylock’s Revenge, with my detective Francesca Franchi transferred to Venice. The third, The Shroud’s Return, will take Francesca to Turin. A play, The Life You Gave, set in 1923 New York and Italy, is teed up for attention when the mystery trilogy is done.

Travel to Italy is of course just one of many losses during the pandemic. I miss the forums where readers and writers come together in readings and literary conferences. Zoom has its advantages – how great to hear from an author anywhere in the world – but can’t capture the stimulation of the real deal, as remembered in this collage of past readings.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at

Readings in Port Washington, San Francisco (Litquake), and Calistoga (Litcamp)


Words of Thanks

I have many people to thank in launching STARVING FOR ITALY. I thank Stanley Tucci for the inspiration of his joyful series. I thank my brother-in-law Frank for acting as my Webmaster and making this blog come to life. I thank my writing partner Kristin for her feedback and her commitment to our writing ventures since meeting at Hedgebrook in Ca’ di Pesa, and for our weekly Zooms during Covid – You are a lifesaver. A shout-out goes to Mateo Askirapour for the inspiring example of his zeal in launching a terrific debut novel Black Buck this year.

And more than anyone or anything, I thank Lorenzo for his support and love since that fateful evening on Chuck’s porch in Lincoln Park.

Grazie a tutti,  A. S. Furbetta,  May 2, 2021  (And Happy Birthday Mom)

Words of


A Word About the Type

The blog text is rendered in the Merriweather font, designed by Eben Sorkin, who took inspiration from Aldine 15th century Italian type. Founded by Aldus Manutius in 1494 in Venice, the Aldine Press is credited with many printing innovations, including the use of italics and semicolons.

The featured picture titles are in Microsoft Sans Serif, designed in the Microsoft typology group. This selection is in tribute to Microsoft, a company which has given me much over the years, and continues with the many writing tools I use every day: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and yes, even Microsoft Digital Editor Suite 2006, my favorite photo editing tool.


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